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The Vratza limestone is well known and often used from architects worldwide for public and residential projects, as ventilated facades, architectural details, internal flooring, stairs, wall claddings, fireplaces with high quality, in accordance with the international standards.


limestone blocks - limestone from Bulgaria limestone tiles - Bulgarian limestone from Ravnishte


Vratza stone is being used as ornamental stone centuries ago, when our ancestors discovered the unique characteristic of this natural material. The modern history our stone started in the beginning of 20th century, when count Von Kirchhoff started the construction of the railway line between Ruse and Sofia.


There was big demand for construction material for support walls, bridges and railway stations. The vratza stone was the right material.


limestone tile - Limstone from vratsa limestone wall tiles - Vratza limestone the bulgarian gold-stone

From that days started the industrial excavation of Vratza limestone. Thanks to his unique characteristics, this stone is wide applied for interior and exterior works, art and sculpture.

Many architects from Bulgaria and all over the world gave credit to that stone in their works. The facades of many significant buildings in Bulgaria were made of this stone – The Bulgarian parliament, the president house, the council of ministers, the national palace of culture, ets. Our stone was used for the facade of the Romanian parliament and other representative buildings. The stone is used in many churches and cathedrals, mosques and synagogues, temples of different religions. Thanks to his mild color and resistance, our stone is suitable for internal and external floors, stairs columns. One can make everything of it. There is no need of additional treatment of the stone. The finishing’s that are appropriate for the stone are polishing, honed, sandblasted, brushed, bush hammered, split – each gave specific look of the stone. The material is relatively homogenous in his entirety, and in the same time there is a big diversity in the way he looks alone or in combination with other stones and materials –wood, glass, metal, ceramic.


3 - 9 m³, The technology of extraction, allows production of blocks with custom dimensions

SLABS with different surface finishing: raw sawn, honed, polished, antiqued, bush-hammered, dimensions: max. height: 170 cm, max. length: 300 cm; min thickness is 2 cm.

for interior & exterior use with different surface finishing: honed, polished, antiqued (brushed), bush-hammered, rustic face, split-face

Vratza limestone


Density 2.25 - 2.30 g/cm³
Specific density 2.67 - 2.70 g/cm³
Pore volume 13.86 - 16.67%
Pore coefficient 0.161 - 0.200%
Water absorption 2.55 – 3.66%
Compressive strength in dry conditions 795.80 – 825.00 x105 Ра
Compressive strength in water saturation 692.80 – 733.00 x105 Ра
Compressive strength in frozen conditions 657.10 – 673.50 x105 Ра
Frost-resistance coefficient 0.80 - 0.85
Abrasion coefficient /De Valt/ 3,8 – 4.0 %
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